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[[Oh hi im alive kinda]]

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"What a coincidence,"


"So am I. Although I’m not ‘pretty queer’, I’m very, very queer, actually."

Really? You? I had no idea, I mean just by looking at you I can tell you’re a very heterosexual man. 

"Oh, gee, thanks Matt. You’re sarcasm is so very much appreciated.”


I’m here and I’m still pretty queer. 

"What a coincidence,"

"So am I. Although I’m not ‘pretty queer’, I’m very, very queer, actually."

[[it seriously puzzles me when groups of people unfollow me after i update my blog? like ive been gone for a couple weeks and i start rping again so you unfollow me? why’d you follow me in the first place?]]

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"Well tag me present at the next one! I will make sure I make it!"

He watches Matthew unwrap the present and jumps a little bit at the squeal as hug but hugs back instantly.

"Wasn’t able to mak them myself cause the airport is a Bitch, but bought ones are nice too." He smiles, "you’re welcome Mattie~."

[Matthew eases out of the embrace with a hum, patting the other’s shoulder and grinning up at him before taking a seat on the couch.]

"It’s fine, really— they still taste good, either way. Oh—" [ He sits up a little straighter, and rests his crossed arms on his knees. ]

"How long are you here for? I mean, if you have time, I’d love to catch up, since it’s been so long.."

He sat down on the couch next to the Canadian, stretching out on the cough relaxing. He was jet lagged but he did sleep a little on the plane.

"Well," he started to respond, "More than a day I hope," he smirked with a chuckle, "plane back isn’t untiiill…." he went over and reached into his bag finding the piece of paper he printed off, "2 days from now."

He put the paper back, moving to go back and sit on the couch. he yawned a little bit. He wondered if he should just pass out or just stay up.

[ Matthew hums along in interest, folding his legs up and sitting on top of them as the Dane continues. He pops the lid off the tin of cookies on the table, and reaches in to snag one for himself. ]

"Aah, alright then— you wanna stay here with me? I’ve got a guest room you can use and everything,"

[ The Canadian looked over at the other after nibbling at his confection, and made note of the fatigue etched across his face. ][ He smiles. ] “Y’know, if you wanna take a nap, you’re more than welcome to. You must be exhausted from your flight,”

Sure! [he smiled relaxing back] would love to stay here with you!

[he chuckled a little bit] you don’t mind? maybe get an hour and we can go out and do something, take me on a super secret Canadian tour of parliament or something [he wiggled his fingers a bit as “super secret” jokingly] be kinda cool

[ Matthew ruffles the other’s tuff of hair, laughing a little of the irony of replicating such an action on an older nation. ]

"Great— and while you’re napping, I’ll go fix up the guest room for ya— it may be a little dusty, since I don’t have many visitors that spend the night,"

[ He stands, giving the other room to lay his feet before laughing. ] “Well, since you haven’t been here in so long, there may be quite a few sites to see— we might not get through all in just 2 days… is that alright with you?”